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District Manager

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Contact me for a complementary consultation, I welcome the opportunity!  We can discuss your Individual / Group Needs & look at top rated Carriers in the U.S. and together, we'll find the perfect plan that fits comfortably into your budget!  What you'll discover is significant time savings (as opposed to you shopping around for insurance quotes on your own), monthly cash flow savings and you'll get clear on what's to come in 2017 surrounding Affordable Health Care!

With the upcoming 2017 Open Enrollment, which is 1 November 2016 - 31 January 2017, either phone me at 1.508.813.9741 or email me at to schedule your Enrollment Appointment.  By revisiting ahead of the 2017 plan year,  you will secure the best coverage possible, based upon your updated Household information.  You will then receive a confirmation email assuring you that the time you selected has been set aside for you.

For an effective date of 1 January 2017, we must get your application submitted by 15 December 2016, but don't wait until the last minute as there could potentially be heavy traffic, which can impact the application process overall.  Best to handle it sooner!

It will be a busy time;  should you reach voice mail, it is likely that I am helping someone else.   Kindly leave the date and time you wish to schedule your Enrollment Appointment and you shall receive correspondence back either confirming the date & time or proposing a time as close to that as possible!

In order to accomodate everyone's busy schedules, I will be working the entire Open Enrollment, Daily, Sunday - Sunday, 8.00 - 10.00PM EST and if need be, as in past three years, I will be working to help as many people possible, until 12.00PM EST.  Rest assured, I will be able to help you!


Lara D. Amaral                                                                 Direct:  1.508.813.9741

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