Lara Amaral
District Manager

America's Best Health & Life Agents

USA Benefits Group has been providing affordable health and life insurance solutions to individuals, the self employed and their families for over 25 years.  We also offer Medicare Supplements, Annuities, Long Term Care Solutions as well as many other benefits including forward thinking alternatives to traditional health insurance products that make sound financial sense.  These cost saving solutions can save thousands of dollars each year, particulary surrounding the Affordable Care Act.

Contact me for a complementary consultation, I welcome the opportunity!  We can discuss your Individual / Group Needs, tap into our wonderful private Exchange comprised of notable, top rated Carriers in the U.S. and together, we'll find the perfect plan that fits comfortably into your budget!  What you'll discover is significant time savings (as opposed to you shopping around for insurance quotes on your own), monthly cash flow savings and you'll get clear on what's to come in 2015 surrounding Affordable Care!

Lara D. Amaral                                     Phone:  1.508.813.9741
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Fully Licensed Health, Life & Federal Exchange Marketplace Agent


Each agent is independently licensed and contracted.